Inaugural Triennial

We firmly believe that artists can play an important part in bringing "new awareness to the public of the issues and conditions that impact their environment." Works on Water, a collective of artists and designers has this as its focus. We designed the catalog for their first Triennial. It features creations that members of their collective made on, in, and with the water. 

Works on Water Curatorial Statement (excerpt)
"Water is a challenging medium—a formidable force—and it is inherently collaborative and cross-disciplinary. Water invites curiosity and passion but working with water also requires respect, rigor and expertise. The works and events within the triennial are built to ignite audience imagination and invite each individual to be a change agent through shared creativity, knowledge, and contemplation of the past, present, and future of water in New York City."


Each page of the exhibition catalog features part of the NYC coastline on each page and a gradient blue border bleeding off the edge of each page. 


Works on Water (Eve Mosher and
Sarah Cameron Sunde)


Andrew Shea

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