LEAP Dialogues:
The Educator's Guide

Published by Art Center College of Design, and distributed by DAP

Andrew co-edited the award-winning LEAP Dialogues: Educator's Guide, which includes customized content from LEAP Dialogues as a 214-page classroom tool that educators can easily adapt to their courses. Learn more about the guide:

Since the publication of LEAP Dialogues in 2016, we have heard from many educators and students from around the world who have embraced the publication and used the content as an integral part of their studies and curricula. Inspired by these stories, and in the spirit of making LEAP Dialogues more accessible, we decided to create LEAP Dialogues: The Educator’s Guide, an open-source digest of content from the book along with new resources specifically tailored to educators.


twopoints.net adapted their design of LEAP Dialogues for this Educator's Guide.

Content in the guide has been reimagined for six themes that were not used to frame the original LEAP Dialogues' book.

The Educator’s Guide contains 12 select dialogues, each accompanied by a set of open-ended questions to provoke critical reading and jumpstart classroom discussion.

Five case studies are included to ground the theoretical discussions about the future of careers by showing what the emerging field looks like.


The guide also includes an annotated bibliography that provides students with complementary readings on topics related to designing for social innovation to inspire new and expanded directions of study.

We provide six ways that you can use the guide in your course. Navigate this slideshow to learn about each.


Here's one way to combine the Dialogues, Case Studies, and the Complimentary Readings in a course.


Watch Mariana Amatullo and Andrew Shea discuss the guide for AIGA: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZidyEjYUDQ



Mariana Amatullo, Jennifer May, Andrew Shea

Research Assistant

Justine Esquivel

Copy Editing

Alex Carswell

Graphic Design

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