Weiss Lecture Series

Parsons School of Design

Part of Andrew's research for his co-authored book, Design for Social Innovation, was to co-curate the Weiss Lecture Series with Mariana Amatullo, one of his co-authors. This annual series is made possible by an endowment established by Donna Karan, Karan-Weiss Foundation. Our title for this year’s series was “Globalization: Promises, Discontents & New Futures,” which acknowledged that rapid change is taking place around the world and focused on several urgent questions. Conversations and talks focused on women’s reproductive rights and wellbeing, distributed governance and the future of our cities, designs for the pluriverse in the Global North and the Global South.

Our branding for the event included the word "GLOBALIZATION" with a red spotlight that emphasizes that the term is loaded, contenious, and deserving of our scrutiny.


Our prestigious group of speakers focused on timely topics that included: “Gender Equality: Stories of Agency and Transformation” (Lori Adelman, Fatou Wurie, and Sujatha Jesudason), “Design as the Healing of the Web of Life: Against Globalization” (Arturo Escobar), “The Hyper-Local” (Ezio Manzini), and “The Boring Revolution of Our Cities” (Indy Johar). The events drew large and eclectic audiences from around The New School, and informed the thematics of Design for Social Innovation.

The event series branding was applied to a range of materials: poster (print), poster (digital displays), social media and Eventbrite graphics, presentation decks, video graphics for final recorded videos.



Andrew Shea


Mariana Amatullo 
School of Design Strategies at
Parsons School of Design 


Karan-Weiss Foundation
(endowment established by Donna Karan)

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