Recovery, Adaptation, Mitigation & Planning

Pratt Program for Sustainable Planning and Development

This website features the work from 13 classes at Pratt Institute, all of which responded to Superstorm Sandy. The work chronicles a multi-year program of coordinated planning and architectural studios/urban labs, workshops and conferences that were initiated by Pratt Institute’s Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development (PSPD) and called “Recovery, Adaptation, Mitigation and Planning [RAMP].”


Students and faculty that we part of the RAMP initiative worked closely with community partners/clients to develop plans and strategies for rebuilding and adaptation.


The website archives the various activities that took place during this multi-year initiative: 13 Pratt Institute Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development classes that focused on post-Sandy resiliency, videos that document aspects of the project, foundational resources, and supporters.


Pratt Organizers

Jamie Stein
Ron Shiffman
Kat Joseph (research)
Christopher Rice (research)


Andrew Shea


Students and Professors from 13 studios from Pratt Institute’s Program for Sustainable Planning and Development

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