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Our work for this NYC school has ranged from wayfinding and environmental graphics to motion- and infographics. What follows is a sample of our continued work with the school, which has expanded from Middle School to also include a High School. All work was done in collaboration with members of various Academy departments.

Our most recent collaboration with the Academy included painting the school’s core principles as oversized graphics on the interior walls of the school.

Rather than amplifying the often-used names of cultural leaders who students might not know of or take interest in, we chose famous New Yorker of color, in addition to other BIPOC luminaries who embody the Academy's values.

The Academy needed to energize the entryway of their high school in a way that could introduce the school to visitors while building pride amongst returning students and staff. This area also orients people who enter the building and introduces the signage system that they would be seeing throughout the building. 

With the exception of the text on the risers of the stairs, these graphics were painted directly on the walls and surfaces.


All graphics were hand-painted

Navigating Inwood’s split-level high school building was a challenge for visitors and even students at times. We used the two colors in Inwood’s existing logo as the basis for color-coding the wayfinding: the signs in one side of the school became blue while the signs in the other became green. 


Along with arrows, we applied 7-foot tall numbers. Like all of the signage in the high school, these were painted directly on the walls.


Inwood Academy for Leadership


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