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MAKAN’s mission is to demystify and reframe the Palestinian-Israeli issue for opinion leaders and general audiences in order to deepen their understanding of one of these issues. They do this by focusing on the universal framework of human rights: a shared language of equality and dignity. Makan means “Place” in Arabic, and they are the first Palestinian-led UK-based educational charity and introduce an informed Palestinian voice to the educational agenda.

This research-focused website includes detailed coverage of specific rights that are especially important to Palestinians, resources from like-minded collaborators, and fact sheets that provide snapshots of pressing issues.

We used open-sourced, archival imagery (see slideshow below) to deeper the public's understanding of each topic right as it relates to Palestinians. We collaged the photos to help convey the complexities around each issue.


Reports and Fact Sheets
Some of the website’s content includes reports and “fact sheets” that amplify MAKAN’s mission to provide research that supports human rights issues, including the Physical Safety Report and the Jordan Valley Fact Sheet.


Right Webpages
Each human rights issue can be downloaded as short Overviews or Full Reports.



Moeinedin Shashaei (photography)
Andrew Shea

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