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New York Academy of Art

We designed a wide range of exhibitions, campaigns, and initiatives in support of this figurative art graduate school in Tribeca that Andy Warhol, Tom Wolfe, and other luminaries founded. We refined the Academy’s academic materials, its branding standards, modernized its website and created graphic identities, posters, and signage for over 20 events and exhibitions.

Take Home a Nude®
We designed the identity for “Take Home a Nude,” an annual fundraiser hosted by Sotheby's. Hugo Guinness' handwriting inspired the identity, which was used on all printed and digital materials, and was also incorporated into exhibition graphics.



Wall graphics



Summer Exhibition
The Academy holds an exhibition at a local, Chelsea gallery every summer. Each year, we designed the exhibition catalog, street-facing graphics, posters, postcards, and social media promotions.


Invitation and catalog

MFA Thesis
The Academy produces a book for each graduating class at the end of the year. We designed the book, along with materials for the MFA Thesis exhibitions, such as street-facing graphics, an exhibition guide, wayfinding, and mailable postcards (below).

Thesis catalog


Thesis exhibition invitation

Funding Initiatives
We worked on many fundraising initiatives for the Academy. Some focused on improving facilities, some contributed to financial scholarship programs, while others like "Your Gift in Action" contributed to the materials students needed to practice their craft.


Infographic to support fundraising campaign

MFA Open Studios
This event is regularly held in the Spring semester. We branded the event, art directed the photography and designed the promotional materials, wayfinding, and exhibition guides.


Open Studios identity and invitation

From Beijing
An example of the ongoing cycle of special exhibitions. This one featured artists from CAFA in Beijing, China. Like all exhibitions at the Academy, we designed promotional materials, wayfinding, and exhibition guides.


Invitation for special international exhibition

Key Collaborators

Peter Drake, Heidi Elbers, and 
Liz Hobson (New York Academy of Art)


Andrew Shea

New York Academy of Art

All work was in collaboration with various Academy departments and largely the Marketing & Exhibitions department.

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