U R QR was a public art and social media project by LOVID that explored the extent of our digital identity by asking how we maintain our individuality as technology users, social media networkers, and urban dwellers. The project was conceived by the artist duo LoVid and presented as part of the 2013 River to River Festival. Their participatory project was documented on a website with a customized social media feed, various small digital and print pieces, and large environmental graphics that featured 49 painted faces on a 9×9 grid that, when combined, formed a QR code.

We adopted the black-and-white pattern that is generally associated with QR codes in developing the project identity. 


As Lovid described about the face-painting process, "we created photographic portraits of participants’ faces adorned with fragmented black and white code; together, the portraits were combined to create one complete, functional QR code, which both recorded and reflected the community in attendance." Images provided by Lovid.

Accordion Booklet, used to orient visitors to the project.


Detailed images of the environmental graphics, each of which features 49 painted faces.

The final, large-scale poster is made of 49 painted faces that form a 9 x 9 grid and can be scanned like any other QR graphic.


Project website, which features a customized social media feed from the project.


Lovid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus)

MANY Design

Andrew Shea


Provided by Lovid where noted

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